Aasai Chords (Enna Solla Pogirai) for Guitar Ukulele (Easy)

This Article is about Aasai Chords for Guitar and Ukulele from Enna Solla Pogirai movie. Aasai Chords are little tough to play in open positions and for beginners it can be a difficult task to play barre chords. For solution to this we have provided Aasai Guitar chords with capo as well as without capo, So that beginners can also play this beautiful melody in their Guitar and Ukulele. Note that Aasai Chords of Enna Solla Pogirai movie are C#m, B, A mainly. Note that these Aasai Enna Solla Pogirai chords given below arefor the version sung by Mervin Solomon only and for other reprised versions chords may differ. Now let’s play Aasai Chords Enna Solla Pogirai and Enjoy!!

Aasai Chords Enna Solla Pogirai

Aasai Chords Enna Solla Pogirai are:

  • Original Key of Song: C#m
  • Tuning: Standard
  • Guitar Chords used: C#m, B, A, G#
  • Capo used: 4th Fret
  • Chords with capo: Am, F, G, E
  • Strumming Pattern: DDDDD DU

Aasai Chords for Guitar from Enna Solla Pogirai movie are:

(Note: Without Capo version is also given below this)
(Typical Chord used: Cmaj7 – 032000)
Capo: 4th Fret


(Am) (G) (F) (Am) (G) (F)..x2
(Am) (E) (Am) (E) (C) (Am) (E)


(Am) Asai noo(E)ragi poga
(Am) Adai noo(E)lagi poga,
(C) Kanney (Cmaj7) kannadi (Am) aa(E)ga..

(Am) Asai noo(E)ragi poga
(Am) Adai noo(E)lagi poga,
(C) Kanney (Cmaj7) kannadi (Am) aa(E)ga..


(F) Theendal un savi endru (G) thedi poga,
(F) Thoondal unn vasam endru (G) aadi poga,
(F) Oor kangal (G)romba tholla(Am)ai..
(Am) Endraaga katti(G)kondu mutham vaithu,
(Dm) Ondraaga.. (G)kaadhalaaga

(C) Yen yen yen (Cmaj7) dhegam mattum,
Pavam inngu (Am) rendaaga (E)sol

(Am) Asai noo(E)ragi poga
(Am) Adai noo(E)lagi poga,
(C) Kanney (Cmaj7) kannadi (Am) aa(E)ga..


(C) (F) (C) (F) x2
(Am) (G) (F) (G) x2
(C) (F)..


(C) Nam porvaikulley (F) mei veppamaaga
(C) Nam kaalai velai (F) men muthamaaga
(Am) Vaa kadhal (G) seivom poru(F)thamaaga
(Am) Neengaamal (G) nirpom viru(F)pamaaga

(Am) Eera mutham paayum satham
(G) Ooripogum bodhai endru
(F) Dhaaga pookal pooka seiyum latch(G)amaga

(Am) Asaiyodu nee padhitha
(G) ven sivappu machcham ondru
(F) Naalai kaalai velai yendhum (G) michamaga

(A) Ennalum theera kaadhalaaga
Epodhum (D) nee naan pakkamaaga
Endren(F#m)drum neengaa kaatchiyaaga
Ellorum (F) kaetkum (G)peranbin saatchiyaa(Am)ga…

(G) Katikondu mutham vaithu
(Dm) Ondraaga kadha(G)laga..
(C) Yen yen yen (Cmaj7)dhegam mattum
Paavam ingu (Am) rendaaga (E) sol…

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We hope you found Aasai Chords Enna Solla Pogirai with capo useful. For any correction or suggestion please comment below, your efforts will be appreciated. Incase you found these chords of Aasai song difficult then please let us know, we will try our best to help you out with the chords. We have only provided Aasai Guitar chords with capo as we thought it would be sufficient and accurate for beginners as well as intermediate guitarist. And those who know how to play barre chords for them we can give an idea about chord progression. So chords will be like : Am = Cm, C = E, Dm = F#m, G = B, F = A, Cmaj7 = Emaj7, E = G#. Thanks for reading this article.

Song Info:
Song: Aasai
Artist: Mervin Solomon
Album: Enna Solla Pogirai
Released on: 2021
Dialect: Tamil

Watch ‘Aasai’ Video here:

Tip: Try Plucking Pattern through out the song that suits more good. Suggested Plucking pattern is 5 3 1 3 with song tempo.

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