Top 10 Easy Bollywood Songs on Guitar for Beginners 2021

So if you have been looking for some of the most easy bollywood songs on guitar for beginners to play then your Search ends here.We have made a list of Top 10 most easy bollywood songs on guitar for beginners that can be played very easily with some basic chords.Let’s explore some famous and beautiful Easy Hindi Guitar Songs Chords for beginners.Enjoy!!

easy bollywood songs on guitar

List of top 10 Most Easy Hindi Guitar Songs Chords for beginners:

1. Tere Jeya Hor Disda by Nushrat Fateh Ali Khan

Yes this legendary song “Tere Jeya hor disda” also known as “Kive Mukhde toh Nazra Hatawa” can be played easily by beginners as it only includes basic chords like Em C D.It is one of the most easy hindi guitar songs chords for beginners.Be patient and practice hard, thats all it takes to learn.

Read full chords Here: Tere jeya hor disda Guitar chords

2. Dil Ibadat by KK

This famous track from movie Tum Mile sung by KK is also one of the most easy hindi guitar songs for beginners.
It only requires capo to be placed on 5th Fret and then play simple chords i.e Am G F C with strumming pattern of DD UUU DUDU.

Read Full Chords Here: Dil Ibadat Guitar Chords

3. Gulabi Ankhen by Atif Aslam

Yes Gulabi Ankhen is still the one of the most easy bollywood songs on guitar for beginners especially Atif Aslam’s Version.This song is popular among beginners because chords and strumming for this song are much easy to play.Chords are Am G F E and Strumming Pattern is D UDUD UDUD.

Read Full Chords Here: Gulabi Ankhen Guitar Chords

4. Kabhi Kabhi Aditi Song

This track from movie Jane Tu Ya Jane Na has been very famous among college students till now.You will be happy knowing that this song is also very easy to play on guitar with capo on 3rd fret.You just need to play Em Am G D with strumming D UD UDU UD.This is one of the famous and most easy hindi guitar songs chords for beginners.

Read Full Chords Here: Kabhi Kabhi Aditi Guitar Chords

5. Lut Gaye by Jubin Nautiyal

This track was among most famous hindi songs of 2021.Sung by Jubin Nautiyal and re-written by Manoj muntashir.If you have capo you can play this song very easily.Just Place Capo on 5th Fret and play Am F G E Dm with strumming pattern D DUU U DU.This song is very lovely to be played on guitar,although without capo beginners may find it difficult to play but placing capo can make it very easy.In case if you dont have a capo yet.Click here to get it in reasonable price.

Read Full Chords Here: Lut Gaye Guitar Chords

6. Kuch Is Tarah by Atif Aslam

Every 1 out of 3 people is Atif Aslam’s Fan in India.His Kuch is Tarah track is so melodious and soulful that everybody who buys guitar admire to play it.In case if you think it is difficult song then let us clear it to you that no it is not.Actually Kuch is Tarah is among easy hindi guitar songs for beginners.Chords are F Am C Dm.

Read Full Chords Here: Kuch Is Tarah Guitar Chords

7. Aankhon mein Teri by KK

“Aankhon mein teri ajab si” from Om shanti Om movie sung by KK is a very romantic song and can be played to impress your lover or crush.Don’t worry these chords are easy to play and falls under Easy Bollywood Songs on Guitar for Beginners category.Place your capo on 7th fret and play A D C A# and Enjoy!!

Read Full Chords Here: Aankhon Mein Teri Guitar Chords

8. Teri Mitti by B Praak

“Teri Mitti” from Kesari movie Sung by B praak is a patriotic song that will surely fill your heart with proud and love for your nation.This song is very classic to be played on guitar and even who have just learnt basic chords and play it as it only includes chords D G Bm A.Enjoy your playing!!

Read Full Chords Here: Teri Mitti Guitar Chords

9. Yeh Shaam Mastani by Kishore Kumar

This iconic travel song also falls under Most Easy Hindi Guitar Songs Chords for beginners category.This song is very much easy as it includes basic chords i.e G Em C D and strumming pattern is DD UDU.You might it difficult to coordinate strumming pattern with chord progression but with little practice you can master this song easily.Always remember to enjoy your playing.Don’t get stressed with your mistakes.Try to improve and feel the music.All the best!!

Read Full Chords Here: Ye Shaam Mastani Guitar Chords

10. Lag Ja Gale by Lata Mangeshwar

Till today many artist from young generation recreated this iconic song but nobody matched the quality level that we got from the original song “Lag Ja Gale” sung by one and only Lata Mageshwar and yes this song also falls under most easy bollywood songs on guitar for beginners category because if you know about G C D Am chords then you are ready to play it in your guitar.Just remember to play D DU DU with these chords progression.Enjoy your feelings of playing such a beautiful melody on your guitar!!!

Read Full Chords Here: Lag Ja Gale Guitar Chords

These songs are not the only Most Easy Hindi Guitar Songs Chords for beginners but there are hundered’s of such songs that can be played but these are our personal recommendation for beginners to continue their guitar journey with.Many other such songs have been posted here in Hindi Guitar Chords Category that you might find useful.Choose those songs that you like the most so that you won’t get bored easily.

Always remember Noboday has ever mastered any instrument in just one night.So Just keep practicing again and again, be patient because this is all it requires to learn guitar.

We hope that you found our list of most easy bollywood songs on guitar for beginners useful.For any suggestion and correction please comment below.

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