How much time it takes to learn guitar?

How much time it takes to learn guitar?Can i learn guitar in 2 months? Everybody who picks up guitar for the very first time wants to know.So let’s find out actually How much time it takes to learn guitar?

How much time it takes to learn guitar?

Guitar has been a very fascinating musical instrument from ages and has been considered to be one of the coolest musical instruments.You can buy it but you cannot learn to play it without practice.

Have a Look at these points before you continue…

As per our belief, to learn and, to be able to play any instrument fluently, you need to have : That instrument.Yes thats right because guitar is a practical thing and can never be played with theoretical knowledge only.So get yourself a guitar first.

  • First Step is to develop interest for learning guitar.One can never master something which is not of his interest.

  • So you have bought yourself a guitar? If yes,then you might be wondering “How much time it takes to learn guitar?

  • Well if you think that in just few weeks you can go from zero to hero.That is not Possible.

  • Answers to this question vary.But one factor that measure your progress is total time spent on practicing guitar.

  • Keep in mind that every person progresses learning at different rate depending upon their time dedicated towards practice and learning.

” Guitar Playing is all about Consistent practice “

How much time it takes to learn guitar?

“Patience is the key requirement of learning guitar”

How much time it takes to learn guitar?

1 to 3 months Progress:

Very first thing you need to understand is there is no shortcut method to learn guitar.Guitar needs consistent practice.
You can calculate your progress of guitar playing by amount of time you invest in practicing.

1st Month: If you have just started guitar journey then you will need atleast a month to make your fingers to move over guitar fret.Well that also depends upon your time investement in practice.According to us if you are beginner try to spend atleast 1 hour per day for first month.If you can practice more you can expect faster results.In a month you will be able of playing some tunes like “happy birthday” in your guitar.
“First Month will be requiring highest level of your patience.You have to repeatedly practice same things again and again.You may get frustated but dont quit, that is what most of the people do.They quit”

2nd Month: After a month you will be playing little of guitar scales if you stick with your lessons.Again it depends upon your practice.We suggest you to increase your practice time from 1 hour to 2 hours per day on second month.

3rd Month: According to us atleast you need atleast 3 months to start playing basic guitar with songs.In these 3 months you will be able to cover some Basic open chords like G C D Am E.With these chords you can play some songs too.This is an average data and “Progress may vary person to person according to their practice”

Summary : According to us answer to how much time it takes to learn guitar? is atleast 3-4 months are required to learn basics of guitar.

Always remember there is no rule to learn guitar except consistent practice.“More you practice more you master the art”

How much time it takes to learn guitar? Lets understand it in calculative way.

No chart of calculative practice time can describe your learning and it totally depends upon your time investement and practice.But lets calculate some numbers of your hours investement in practice so that we can have a idea about your future outcomes.

Guitar LevelPractice Time
(Per day)
Time to Achieve
Basic 1 – 2 hours 3 – 4 months
Intermediate 2 – 3 hours 4 – 12 months
Advanced 2 – 3 hours 1.5 years
Professional 2 – 4 hours 2 – 5 years
Master 3 – 4 hours 5 – 12 years

FAQs: About how much time it takes to learn guitar?

Is it hard to learn guitar?

Yes it is hard to learn guitar in the beginning.Yours fingers may pain,you may get frustrated.But don’t quit.Guitar is only hard to learn in the beginning.Practice hard with your guitar & more easy it becomes.

Can i learn guitar in 2 months?

Yes you can learn 2% of guitar in 2 months.Well Guitar is a big thing you cannot learn it within two months or so.It takes years to master a guitar.To learn basic level of guitar you need 3-4 months atleast.Read full article to know exactly how much time it takes to learn guitar?

How much time it takes to learn guitar?

You need atleast time of 3-4 months with consistent practice to learn some basics of guitar.It takes your 3-4 months to play guitar and sing along but that is a beginner level.To learn guitar of master level it takes 10-12 years.To know this answer in a calculative way read full article.

How easy is it to learn guitar for beginners?

For beginners to learn guitar is a bit difficult task because guitar needs good level of patience and consistent practice.If one can fulfil these requirements it will be easy to learn guitar for beginners.To know exact about how much time it takes to learn guitar? read this article.

How many hours a day should I practice guitar?

Atleast give your 1-2 hours a day to practice guitar in the beginning.Practice hard with your guitar and more easy and gentle your guitar will become.We have made a calculative chart to answer this question.If you want to know read this article.

How can I learn guitar in one month?

Yes you can learn 1% of guitar in one month.Guitar is not a cup of tea for those who think they can learn guitar in one month.Guitar requires atleast 3-4 months to complete beginner level.To know exact answer read this full article.

Can i teach myself guitar?

Yes you can teach yourself guitar but you need to watch guitar tutorials and lessons from youtube.They can atleast teach you basics of guitar.Just keep practicing and have patience they are the keys to learn guitar.

What is the easiest way to learn guitar?

Consistent practice and good level of patience are the two easiest ways to learn guitar.There is no shortcut for mastering guitar.Although try to practice your favourite songs so that you dont get bored.

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