I’m Tired Piano Chords – Labrinth (Euphoria)

This Article is about I’m Tired Piano Chords by Labrinth from Euphoria. If you are worried about How to play Believe Me I’m Tired Piano Chords, then here is the easiest way of playing them. So lets not waste time and start with the lesson.

I'm Tired Piano Chords Labrinth Euphoria

I’m Tired Piano Chords Easy

I'm Tired Piano Chords

So Piano Chords for Labrinth’s I’m Tired from ‘Euphoria’ are G minor, F major, Ab major, Eb major, Bb major, D7 major, C minor, G7 major, G major . These chords can be used to play this song on Keyboard as well as Synthesizer. You can play whole song with these chords only.

So here are I’m Tired Labrinth Piano Chords :

  • Song Key: Gm
  • Chords Used: Gm, F, Ab, Eb, D7, Cm, G
  • Difficulty Level: Medium

Hey (Gm) Lord You (F) know I’m (Ab) tired
Hey (Gm) Lord You (F) know I’m (Ab) tired
Hey (Eb) Lord You (Bb) know I’m (D7) tired of (Gm) tears
Hey (Cm) Lord just (D7) cut me (Gm) loose

Hey (Gm) Lord You (F) know I’m (Ab) fighting
Hey (Gm) Lord You (F) know I’m (Ab) fighting
I’m (Eb) sure this (Bb) world is (D7) done with (Gm) me
Hey (Cm) Lord You (D7) know it’s (Gm) true

(Gm) Now the tide is rolling (Cm) in
I don’t wanna (Gm) win
Let it (Bb) take me
Let it (G7) take me

I’ll be on my (Cm) way
How long can I (Eb) stay
In a (Bb) place that can’t con(G7)tain me

Hey (Gm) Lord You (F) know I’m (Bb) tired
Hey (Cm) Lord You (D7) know I’m (Ab) tired

(Gm) Oooh(F)hhh(Ab)hhh
(Gm) Oooh(F)hhh(Ab)hhh
(Eb) Ooo(Bb)hh(D7)hhh(G)hh
(Cm) Oooh(D7)hhh(Gm)hhh
(Gm) Oooh(F)hhh(Ab)hhh
(Gm) Oooh(F)hhh(Ab)hhh
(Cm) Ooo(Bb)hh(D7)hhh(G)hh
(Cm) Oooh(D7)hhh(G)hhh

Please don’t say you (Cm) need me
Rel(Eb)ease me
Reli(D7)eve me
(G) One day you will (Cm) see me
(Eb) Believe me
(D7) Believe me

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Watch I’m tired Piano Tutorial here:

Tips: If you are a beginner and don’t know how to play piano chords then we would suggest you to go through Chord picture given at the starting of the post, it will help you find the exact notes and how to play them to make a chord. Even after going through the lesson in this blog, if you feel any difficulty then please watch the given tutorial video for your assistance. And in case if you feel any difficulty after all of this help then please contact us and we will try our best to help you out as soon as possible.

Labrinth sings “I’m Tired” during the episode 4 of season 2 of HBOMax’s “Euphoria” TV series. This was the first time he has ever appeared on the show whose songs “Still Don’t Know My Name” and “All For Us” from season 1 were composed by him. “Never been on American television as a cast member. This was a pretty spiritual experience with the cast and crew that attended – felt like I left my body when we were recording this,” Labrinth wrote in an Instagram post. “Thank you to the Euphoria Universe and creators for welcoming me on set.”

Song Info:
Song Name: I’m Tired
Artist: Labrinth
Album: Euphoria
Language: English
Released: 2022

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