Ulap Chords – Rob Deniel (Easy Version)

This Post is about isasayaw ka sa ulap chords by Rob Deniel which are very easy to play on Guitar and Ukulele. Chords are A, B, E, F#m7, B7 without Capo. We recommend begginers to go through our Chords Table before proceeding that will help you in playing chords accurately. Remember Ulap Guitar Chords and Ukulele Chords both are same as given below. So now Let’s play Ulap Rob Deniel chords and Enjoy!!

Ulap Chords Rob Deniel

Ulap Chords Rob Deniel Easy

  • Song Key: E Major
  • Tuning: Standard
  • Capo: No
  • Chords Used: E, A, B, F#m7, B7
  • Strumming Pattern: DDDDDDDDU

These are Ulap Guitar Chords by Rob Deniel :

Guitar ChordsUkulele Chords
A – x02220A – 2100
E – 022100E – 1402
B – x24442B – 4322
F#m7 – 242222F#m7 – 2424
B7 – x24042B7 – 2322


(A).. (B)..


(E) Nag-iisa, (A) nakadungaw
(F#m7) Sa bintana
(B) ako ba’y nagkulang?
(E) Nakaupo, (A) lumalayo
(F#m7) Sa tukso,
(B) upang ‘di na magulo


(E) Isasayaw (A) ka sa ulap
(F#m7) At mag-uusap,
(B) hindi manghuhula
(E) Isasayaw (A) ka sa ulap
(F#m7) Hindi hahayaang
(B) mahulog nang tuluyan

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(E) Nagkamali ba (A) ako sa ‘yo?
(F#m7) Nananatiling (B7) blangko ito (blangko ito)
(E) Naririnig ang (A) tinig mo
(F#m7) Nabubuong muli (B) ang
(B) pag-ibig ko (ang pag-ibig ko)

(E) Isasayaw (A) ka sa ulap
(F#m7) At mag-uusap,
(B) hindi manghuhula
(E) Isasayaw (A) ka sa ulap
(F#m7) Hindi hahayaang
(B) mahulog nang tuluyan


Oh, (E) gusto kang makasama
(A) Ako na ang bahala
(F#m7) Huwag ka lang mawalay
Atin nang kulayan
(B) ang ating mundo
(E) Tumingin sa akin
(A) Langhapin ang hangin
(F#m7) Bakit ba nasanay?
Isip ay nadadamay (B) sa puso


(E) Isasayaw (A) ka sa ulap
(F#m7) At mag-uusap,
(B) hindi manghuhula
(E) Isasayaw (A) ka sa ulap
(F#m7) Hindi hahayaang
(B) mahulog nang tuluyan
(E) Nag-iisa,
(A) nakadungaw

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We hope you found Ulap Chords Rob Deniel for Guitar and Ukulele useful. For any kind of suggestion and correction please comment below. You can also request chords for your fav. songs by commenting down the name of the song, we will try our best to post those chords as soon as possible. Thank You!!

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Note: Please note that chords given above are for Rob Deniel version only and chords for any other or reprised versions may differ. And also chords given here are not exact chords because original chords are so much tricky for begginers, we have posted alternate to original chords that is very much near to accurate and easy to play. Incase you feel any difficulty in playing chords then please contact us we will try our best to solve your doubts. Enjoy!!

Song Info:
Song Name: Ulap
Singer: Rob Deniel
Language: Filipino

Watch Ulap Guitar Tutorial here:

Tips & Tricks: Chords given above might seem tricky or difficult in starting for begginers but as we said earlier follow our chords table (given at the starting of post), it will really make thinks easy for you. We have only given easy version of Chords because we mainly focus on begginers who wish to play guitar in easiest way. If you want original chords (which are really difficult) of this song then please let us know by commenting below, we will post them soon for you.

Always remember that without patience and practice music is not possible, so if you think that everything will be easy then you might be wrong, You have to make thinks easy and key for that is consistent practice, hardwork and patience.

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